Suzanne Ermann

A graduate of the Employers Federation School of Haute Couture of Paris Suzanne Ermann learned with the greatest designers: Chanel, Chantal Thomas, and Mugler.In 1991 she opened her first boutique in the Marais District of Paris. Often considered as a pioneer, Suzanne has imposed her style: “classic with a modern twist”. Suzanne Ermann’s wedding and evening dresses are now distributed all over the world. Either traditional or innovative, her fresh, elegant and modern creations meet the aspirations of the woman of today.Her signature: pleads, hoops and her famous curls that come to life at the slightest motion.Her codes: subtle ways of superimposing noble fabrics, shapes and transparencies to create exquisite dresses. All her models are exclusively made in her Marais workshop/showroom in Paris.

For this new collection, Suzanne Ermann has imagined short “retro-chic” or graphic dresses, available in multiple shapes: Empire, trapeze, or close fitting waist, with bustier low neckline or open back.Suzanne Ermann dresses up brides in many movies in France and famous French actresses for thSuzanne Ermann_2e red carpet …

Suzanne Ermann_1Suzanne Ermann_3SUZANNE ERMANN 2012_Page_05b








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