Halo & Co


Think style icons like Jacqueline Onassis, wearing French couture Chanel, as she drives cabriolet through 1960’s Monte Carlo. Grace Kelly and Ginger Rodgers as they waltz in sublime symmetry in black and white. Understated, yet fastidious in design Halo & Co bring an extraordinary array of harmony and skill with a collection of headwear that could grace a wedding yesteryear or next year.



What makes Parisian Chic? What is that “Je ne sais quoi?” That indefinable ‘something’ that distinguishes an object in question from others that is superficially similar. That romance and spirit that no one has been able to bottle. Parisian Chic reflects that charm and essence of the ‘City of Love’. Halo & Co, like a myriad of artists, writers and poets have been drawn to Paris like bees to blossom with free thinking inspirational headwear.


Decadent Glamour is luxuriously self-indulgent and we make no excuses for it. An opulence that’s a hairs breath from arrogance yet in its setting is anything but. A motion from ordinary to extra-ordinary with all that glitters – making the subject visually magnetic! Trust Halo & Co to deliver the kind of head accessories that reflects the decadent in you and bring a crescendo of glamour to accentuate your desired look.


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