In 1994 Rosa Clara opened her first bridal salon on Barcelona’s renowned Paseo de Gracia.They became in few years leader in bridal fashion in Spain. Rosa Clara Group is a dynamic, young, a pioneer in bringing the bridal luxury, quality and prestige to the brides of our time. Fashion, Exclusivity, Quality and Reliability define the brand and service, which together with a great team effort brings them every day to the current bride. Rosa Clara Group conveys excitement and creates a magical environment that wraps the beauty, elegance and unique style.

RC_139_SEGOVIA_A_0015 (2) RC_105_SABOYA_A_0020 (2) RC_105_SABOYA_B_0082 (2) RC_127_SANTAFE_B__0026 (2) RC_127_SANTAFE_C_0022 (2)

vestido_de_novia_rosa_clara_165vestido_de_novia_rosa_clara_165 frontvestido_de_novia_soft_201104_UGO_A_600_774

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