FABULOUS NEW COLLECTION OF FRANCESCA MIRANDA AT NOUVELLE VOGUE UNTIL APRIL 9TH. Our brides this week-end had the opportunity during the trunk show to try on the collection in our boutique. It was well received. They love it!!!  So we are extending our show until next week-end before the runway fashion show in New York.



Francesca_Miranda_Nouvelle_Vogue_033 (2)

Francesca Miranda is born into a family from Spanish and Italian origin. She inherits Her good taste in fashion and design from her mother Gloria, a ballet dancer in New York and her father Ruy Miranda. This passion leads her to study the art of fashion later on in life. Years later Francesca Miranda debuts in Colombia’s most important Fashion Week with a feminine line which is an immediate success. The way she can dominate feminine and masculine design, and the capacity to take luxury and elegance to both universes, position her as one of Latin America’s designers with greater international projection.   

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